PSION Function Quick Reference

 ABS             ACOS            ADDR            ADJUSTALLOC     ALERT          
 ALLOC           APP             APPEND          APPENDSPRITE    ASC            
 ASIN            AT              ATAN            BACK            BEEP           
 BREAK           BUSY            CACHE           CACHEHDR        CACHEREC       
 CACHETIDY       CALL            CHANGESPRITE    CHR$            CLOSE          
 CLOSESPRITE     CLS             CMD$            COMPRESS        CONTINUE       
 COPY            COS             COUNT           CREATE          CREATESPRITE   
 CURSOR          DATETOSECS      DATIM$          DAY             DAYNAME$       
 DAYS            dBUTTONS        dCHOICE         dDATE           dEDIT          
 DEFAULTWIN      DEG             DELETE          dFILE           dFLOAT         
 DIALOG          DIAMINIT        DIAMPOS         dINIT           DIR$           
 dLONG           DO...UNTIL      DOW             dPOSITION       DRAWSPRITE     
 dTEXT           dTIME           dXINPUT         EDIT            ENTERSEND0     
 EOF             ERASE           ERR             ERR$            ESCAPE OFF     
 EVAL            EXIST           EXP             EXT             FIND           
 FINDFIELD       FINDLIB         FIX$            FLT             FONT           
 FREEALLOC       gAT             gBORDER         gBOX            gBUTTON        
 gCLOCK          gCLOSE          gCLS            gCOPY           gCREATE        
 gCREATEBIT      gDRAWOBJECT     GEN$            GET             GET$           
 GETCMD$         GETEVENT        GETLIBH         gFILL           gFONT          
 gGMODE          gGREY           gHEIGHT         gIDENTITY       gINFO          
 gINVERT         GIPRINT         gLINEBY         gLINETO         gLOADBIT       
 gLOADFONT       GLOBAL          gMOVE           gORDER          gORIGINX       
 gORIGINY        GOTO            gPATT           gPEEKLINE       gPOLY          
 gPRINT          gPRINTB         gPRINTCLIP      gRANK           gSAVEBIT       
 gSCROLL         gSETWIN         gSTYLE          gTMODE          gTWIDTH        
 gUNLOADFONT     gUPDATE         gUSE            gVISIBLE ON/OFF gWIDTH         
 gX              gXBORDER        gXPRINT         gY              HEX$           
 HOUR            IABS            ICON            IF...ENDIF      INPUT          
 INT             INTF            IOWAIT          IOYIELD         KEY            
 KEY$            KEYA            KEYC            KMOD            LAST           
 LCLOSE          LEFT$           LEN             LENALLOC        LINKLIB        
 LN              LOADLIB         LOADM           LOC             LOCAL          
 LOCK            LOG             LOPEN           LOWER$          LPRINT         
 MAX             mCARD           MEAN            MENU            MID$           
 MIN             mINIT           MINUTE          MKDIR           MONTH          
 MONTH$          NEWOBJ          NEWOBJH         NEXT            NUM$           
 ODBINFO         OFF             ONERR           OPEN            OPENR          
 OS              PARSE$          PATH            PAUSE           PEEK functions 
 PI              POKE commands   POS             POSITION        POSSPRITE      
 PRINT           RAD             RAISE           RANDOMIZE       REALLOC        
 RECSIZE         REM             RENAME          REPT$           RETURN         
 RIGHT$          RMDIR           RND             SCI$            SCREEN         
 SCREENINFO      SECOND          SECSTODATE      SEND            SETNAME        
 SETPATH         SIN             SPACE           SQR             STATUSWIN      
 STATWININFO     STD             STOP            STYLE           SUM            
 TAN             TESTEVENT       TRAP            TYPE            UADD           
 UNLOADLIB       UNLOADM         UNTIL           UPPER$          USE            
 USR             USR$            USUB            VAL             VAR            
 VECTOR          WEEK            WHILE...ENDWH   YEAR           

This HTML version of the manual was automagically created (with a tiny bit of tweaking ) from the oplman text files using PERL. If you want the source for this, or if you have any suggestions, please email me Dave Stafford