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Character codes

To find out a character's character code either look up the character in the table given in the back of your User Guide, or press the Calc button and type the "%" sign followed by the character for example "%P" returns 80. Characters with codes from 0 to 127 are the same as in the ASCII character set. Codes 128 to 255 are compatible with the IBM code page 850.

Codes from 256 upwards are for other Series 3a keys see the list below.

Character codes of special keys

The GET and KEY functions return the character code of the key that was pressed. Some of the keys are not in the character set. They return these numbers:

Esc       	27	Tab		9
Delete		8	Enter		13

Special keys

UP 		256	DOWN		257
RIGHT		258	LEFT		259
Pg Up   	260 	Pg Dn		261
Home  		262 	End    		263
Menu  		290 	Help	    	291
The Psion key adds 512 to the value of the key pressed. For example, Psion-a is 609 (512+97), and Psion-Help (Dial) is 803 (512+291).

Special character codes with PRINT

These values can be used with PRINT and CHR$():

7	beep
8	backspace
9	tab
10	line feed
12	form feed (clear screen)
13	carriage return (cursor to left of window)
For example, "PRINT CHR$(8)" moves the cursor backwards, one character to the left.

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