PSION Programming Reference

This is a first attempt at putting Psion's Programmer's Reference onto the Web. If, like me, you bought your 3a after they stopped shipping the manual, or you just keep forgetting it, you should find this useful. It is a first attempt, so please bear with me.

By the way, rather than edit the oplman text files by hand I've used a PERL program to do the majority of the work. This is convenient for me, but it may mean a few blips here and there. Please email me with any cock-ups you see, and I'll fix them, and make the whole thing available via FTP.

Dave Stafford


Copyright Psion PLC 1991-1993

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v1.0 Aug 93 English Part no. 6103-0045-01

This HTML version of the manual was automagically created (with a tiny bit of tweaking ) from the oplman text files using PERL. If you want the source for this, or if you have any suggestions, please email me Dave Stafford